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To Phone or Not to Phone...

The Quick Answer: Not to phone...

The more detailed answer:
A month prior to moving into our new place we found out that the two major phone companies in the area are Qwest (the Colorado based Baby Bell) and Cox Communications (originally just Cox Cable). After talking to friends in the area we found out Cox was better and I called up to set up our phones. They told us they didn't offer phone service in the area. They provided hi-speed internet and cable, but not phone.

Annoyed I called Qwest. They said they'd be able to set the phones no problem. They assigned a phone number. I got them to change it to a better phone number. I asked if they needed anyone to be at the house since I was going to be in California moving on the day we scheduled to have the phones turned on (Friday), they said no. If only my story ends here...

On Sunday, we arrive with a big truck after much moving drama and find a door knocker from Qwest (never a good sign). "Need access to the house, please call to reschedule." This was annoying because a) I had specifically asked that and b) I couldn't call, they hadn't set up the phone! Besides they weren't in on Sundays.

Monday-- Drive to Home Depot for some items. Remember to call Qwest after getting Tara and Taft in the car. She says they will wait. Ask Home Depot employee for a payphone to call Qwest. Home Depot offers the use of their courtesy phone. Sit on hold for 10 minutes. Lady on the other end is very nice and apologetic, but can't have anyone out until Thursday. She is going to credit us $25 for the problems agreeing that they were entirely Qwest's fault.

Thursday-- Qwest guy shows up but can't find the exterior phone box to turn on the phones. Tells me he'll need to reschedule. Points out that Hi-Speed Internet and Cable are provided (which I already know-- through a contract with ASU) through COX (which I did not). I go to the housing office to figure out what the hell is going on. Phones are only provided through Cox, but through a group account, hence why the original people told me they couldn't do it. Call Cox group account, ask them if I can keep my old number. They say yes, but I won't be able to do an install until next Thursday. Okay, screw it I'll just tell everyone our number changed. Great can't do an install until next Wednesday. Fine then I want to keep my number...

I won't have a phone until a week from now. Apparently in a week they can justify sending someone out to do a process that the person on the other end of the line stated would take "20 seconds", but not before then.

On the positive side, my phone number will be the same...
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