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In My Mind I'm Going to Arizona

So the odd "we'll be seperated for 6 months, but then everything will be fine" has ended in grand fashion. Tara doesn't feel that she can do this (go to school, raise Taft, keep the house clean, etc.) all by herself, so she is cashing in her chips and we're packing up to move out to Arizona by the end of the month. On the one hand I'm disappointed because I think she thinks too little of herself and I know that she regrets not being in class. By all estimates she was doing well, being extremely bored in some classes I wouldn't even dare to take, but that's really a moot point now. On the flip side, I am extremely happy to be reunited with my family. It's been lonely and bothersome without them. Taft should also do well now. He had a very hard time with me gone.

I just looked at Penske rentals because they have unlimited mileage and are cheaper than UHaul and fooled around with the items a bit. The cost for picking up the truck on N. Cave Creek (AZ) and driving it to Mesa (AZ) is 409 + gas. The cost for picking the truck up in Fairfield (CA) and driving it to Mesa is 2600 + gas!!!! Holy lordy... So looks like we'll be pimping it Penske style back to California to pick up the stuff and head home. But we already knew that.

I've also been offered a job. Assistant Manager at Rubio's (the fish taco place)... not exactly world moving, but they are going to pay a good wage and it will be close to home. The hours will also be a problem since Tara wants me working weekdays and the restaurant industry just doesn't work that way. Not sure if I'll take it. But I have until Tuesday or Thursday to decide.

That's enough for now. Gotta sleep.
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