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Hey Look At Me... I'm Posting Something in Livejournal...!

Yeah, so it's been a while. Over two months no less. Not really too surprising. For anyone actually checking in on this, I have been following your random musings and occasionally responding, but never posting anything here.

So at the end of December I stopped being employed by the Elections Department. I'm not really sure what happened, but they decided not to renew my employment at the end of the 6 month probationary period. I must say I was shocked, but as I've seen in a variety of ways, things happen. I'm primarily convinced that I was hired as a stop-gap to bridge the need for an immediate person to train the pollworkers, etc. and the ability to find a long term answer. While, I was shocked and more than a little annoyed, I can't say I was wholly unhappy because I was starting to get bored already and I felt like I was constantly being hampered in my ability to do my job the way I wanted to... So where does that leave us?

Interestingly enough in Phoenix, AZ... well, I am anyway. Tara is finishing up this semester at the community college (she's finishing up some pre-reqs before transferring to ASU in BioChemistry) in NorCal and has Taft with her. I meanwhile have been sent 500 miles away to stay with friends and look for a job to pay the bills. I thought the prospects were good, many job openings, etc. but no one wants to actually make a hiring decision. I've been to multiple interviews (some 3rd and 4th interviews!) for a variety of companies and no one has hired anyone for any of these positions. I've been out here near a month and no money to pay rent, bills, etc. Plus now I'm lonely and frustrated, as are Tara and Taft. On the plus side, I should be hearing back from a couple of jobs soon and I think I have a good chance to get an offer or two.

So that's what's up with us. Tired, broke, frustrated, and lonely. How about you guys?
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